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The mission of Father McCartan Memorial School is to provide a Christ-centered education so that students can grow academically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically to reach their full potential.


The faculty, staff, volunteers, parents, and students will continually promote an atmosphere ofcaring and respect for others. As a part of our Catholic community, our faith will be interwoven intoevery aspect of the learning environment.


The Father McCartan Memorial School educational program will provide opportunities to:

· Help students realize their responsibility to become actively involved in their parish

             at all levels of life.

· Receive a quality education in academics, attitudes, and values.

· Meet and/or exceed national and diocesan test averages for achievement.

· Develop life skills and real world academics including leadership, responsibility,

             self-discipline, organization, problem solving, work ethic, accountability for              one’sactions, reading, and writing to communicate.


The Father McCartan Memorial School program will be challenging, exciting, and hope-filled     - “ an education with a Shepherd’s care”.


Fr. McCartan School is a family oriented Christian environment that serves Marceline and

surrounding parishes. Educational services are offered for preschool through eighth grade. Seven full time educators focus on teaching God’s word through scripture, example and faith. Each faculty and staff member serves as a living symbol of God’s love, knowing that what we instill in the children must first take root and grow in our hearts and minds.


Fr. McCartan School provides students with many opportunities for personal development. These activities include the Bellarmine Speech League, Science Fair, Religion Fair, Music Enrichment Day, National Geography Bee, Sketch Day, Basketball and other sports and numerous classroom extension projects. We attend mass two mornings a week and the children are routinely involved in planning Liturgies.


Fr. McCartan School has received special honor within the Diocese of Jefferson City. For the third consecutive year, the school has reached the number one ranking in achievement test scores (out of the 37 schools).


Our student to staff ratio averages approximately nine students per grade to each teacher. These small class sizes allow our students to receive individualized instruction for superior academic success! Our classrooms from first through eighth grade are double graded

classrooms. Our curriculum reflects a strong emphasis on academics with the added dimension of personal and spiritual development. The curriculum and structure also foster student responsibility to self, family, community and the church.


For more information, email our principal, Mrs. Kelly Ott at ott.mccartan@mcmsys.com

Fr. McCartan School

St. Bonaventure Catholic Church, Marceline, Mo

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